Sunday, 2 September 2012

Models Own Nail polish collection!

I am literally obsessed with Models own nail polish's, I love there colour range, they have nearly every colour you would want and I love the way they apply. I own 12 bottles of models own and I want more! Sometimes  I feel that £5 for a nail polish is quiet steep that is what puts me off sometimes but still I can't resist when I see a colour I love! They last about 3-4 days on your nails for me anyway which I think isn't really great but I don't really mind.

(L:R) Clear, Nude Beige, Lilac Dream, Jade stone, Feeling blue, Fuzzy Peach.

(L:R) Sophies Pink, Foxy Fuchsia, Scarlet Sparkle, Disco Mix, Purple Grey, Ibiza Mix.

Is it sad that I know all the names without looking at the bottles! As you can tell I love Models own nail polish and I definitely want more?!

Do you have any Models own nail polishes?
Love Morgan x

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  1. I love the colours of these! I need to try out a Models Own nail polish! :) xxx