Saturday, 28 July 2012

Recent Empties #1

Today I thought I would just do a quick post of my Recent empties, at this very moment I am sat in my lounge watching the Olympic Equestrian. I am not too fused with the Olympics but I do enjoy watching some of the sports, Like equestrian, diving, athletics and swimming. To be honest i thought the opening ceremony last night was amazing, it was quiet boring at the 
beginning but it most definitely got better throughout the night! 

After the past month these have been what I have run out off. Far left is a conditioner, the only reason I have this mainly is because I saw it in my local pound land and I needed a new conditioner anyway so I thought that would do. The conditioner is for longer hair that is prone to split ends, I do actually have real bad split ends, after using this conditioner I would say it has done nothing for my hair at all, I would not be repurchase this. Next in a women's sure deodorant, there isn't much you can say about a deodorant to be honest I just buy whatever one is on offer in Tesco mainly.

Next is my dermalogica clean start face wash, now this is AMAZING! If you have acne prone skin like myself then this is the face wash for you at £11.90 you can't really go wrong, you can find this face wash on lots of different websites for different prices so you do have to do you research with it. Last is my L'OREAL studio secrets primer, I love this primer. For £14.99 I don't think i can bring myself to buy it again, but this primer is amazing at covering any blemishes on the skin. It really does cover them so well that they are barley visible. 

What do you think of the Olympics?
What do you think of any of these products?
Hope you enjoyed 
Love Morgan x

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