Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A new exciting purchase!

Now to me this is an exciting purchase as I have wanted to try this for ages and whenever I have looked for it no where had it! But yesterday I went to a small town that I very rarely go shopping too and I found it! It was in savers for £1 when I saw it in tesco's for £4.99 so I am happy that I did wait to get it at savers otherwise I would of spent more then I needed too! 

A lot of my friends told me I should try this as I do have natural curly hair but I think I needed something to help the curls define a bit more so they told me about this! I haven't used it enough yet obviously to do a review on it but as soon as I have used it enough I will do a review!

Do you have this?
What do you think of it?
Love Morgan x


  1. Love this, and I think you'll like it too!:)xo

    1. Yeah I can't wait to try them out properly!:) x