Thursday, 2 August 2012

Beauty Wishlist #1

Today I thought I would do my beauty wishlist, I was just going to do it as my august wishlist and include beauty products and clothes but then decided I thought it would be better to do them separate 1.because it will create another post for me to do and 2.I have a lot of clothes and beauty products and it would be a heck of a long post! Now that is my little introduction out the way I can show you what my beauty wishlist is this month!

I have just realised my numbering on this is a bit weird so sorry about that!

1.Benefit CORALista blush-£23.50
Now I have wanted this blush for such a long time now every time I go into a department store (John lewis, debenhams etc) I look at this blush and sooo wish I had it. The one thing that puts me of the blush has to be the price as I do truly think that £23.50 is far to much for a blush but I love it and I think I need it in my collection so I think this month I am going to treat myself as this month I am getting my year 10 GCSE results in at school and if they come back good, I think I should treat myself to this blush as I have wanted it for so long now!?

2.Sleek Face contour kit-£6.49
A lot of my friends have this and they have all said that it is quiet good every time I am in my Superdrug I swatch it and I really like it but I am not to sure if I will use it that much. I think I need to read some more reviews on it and find more peoples opinions on it before I go out and buy it. I do think I do need something like this in my collection though as I don't at the moment.

3.Topshop Nail polish: Parma Violet-£5.00
I have seem to got into Topshop make up range quiet a bit recently I have always like looked at it but never picked anything up because I always thought it would never be that good. But I have found it is! Well I only own 2 nail polishes and a blush but so far I am happy! I love this colour and I don't have one like it already in my collection so I think it is a must when I am next in town!

4.Garnier Body lotion summer body-£2.53
(I brought this last week and i love it!)
I am so pale. Literally so pale! I think this a must for me at the moment! It has started getting a bit warmer in England at the moment but I do nothing but burn so I think this is my only option. I have heard a few good things about this self tanner but I think it will need to read into it a bit more before I go and purchase, the only thing I worry about is it going streaky does anybody get that problem with this product!?

Now that was a bit of a long post sorry about that, I will try and make my next ones not as long as that! I would love to know if you have any of these products?

Hope you enjoyed!
Love Morgan x


  1. The Garnier body lotion is really good. I had it but had to stop using it cause I had a reaction to it :( You should try it though!

    1. i think i will pick it up when i am next in town:) xx