Monday, 27 August 2012

NOTD- Ate berries in the canaries #2

I am back! After a long wait I have finally sorted something out for taking pictures with for my blog posting! Until I get my camera fixed I am using my dads camera so I have got to take loads of pictures all at once and then blogpost about them at a later date! Which is okay at them moment but I need to get my own camera back! Now on to the post!

Today i am just doing a quick Nails of the day as I haven't done one of these for quiet a while!? On my nails at the moment i have OPI- Ate berries on the canaries, I love this nail polish! I only have one OPI nail polish but i am planning on picking one up when i am next in town as i love everything about them, the brush is just big enough to be able to fit my nails with only 1 or 2 swipes which i think is great! On my nails it last about 4-5 days which i do think is rather good as compered to the other ones i have they one last about 2! 

Then on my ring finger i have models own Ibiza mix i have been loving wearing this on my nails this month! I own quiet a lot of models own nail polish but Ibiza mix is my favourite at the moment because you can wear it with any colour nail polish and it looks good!

Do you have any of these Nail polishes? 
Love Morgan x

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