Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Few bits I got in town!

Shopping again! However this time I went for one of my friends birthday we went into town and then for a spot of lunch! Today I am just going to show you the bits that I picked up yesterday! A lot of the things I got I either neeeded or have wanted for a long time! Now on to what got.

Primark boots shoes I have these in a different pattern and I wear them all them time so they were a want/need! £6 reduced to £3. Superdrug face mask these were I want really I really wanted some face masks so I couldn't resists picking them up for 99p each but then 4 for the price of 3! Simple cleansing pads, a need I had run out of my other ones! £2.59. Garnier Pure active Exfo-Brusher wash I didn't need a new face wash but I did want to try this one out and they had an offer on save £3 in superdrug so had to buy it, so a want! Real techniques blush brush, need because I don't have a blush brush £9.99. Eyebrow brush and comb this is a want and need because I wanted one because I didn't have one!

(and breath) Sorry that was a big chunk on text there! This is a schedule post so hopefully it will work as I will be in France when you are reading this! 

Hope you enjoyed!
Love Morgan x

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  1. I really want to try out the Superdrug face masks! :) xxx