Monday, 6 August 2012

Every Night routine!

As I had done my everyday make-up a couple of days ago, I thought I should then do my every night routine. I won't really go into to much detail with all the products but I you want me to do a review of anything just let me know and I will try and do that for you.

Firstly I wash my face with dermalogica clean start's wash off. Next I use a make up wipe to just get rid of any make-up that didn't totally wash of when I washed my face. The make-up wipes I use are ones made by st ives. After that I use OXY exfoliating pads. This just gets rid of the dirt that is left on my face, I don't do this every night but about every other really. Next thing I do is clean starts bed time for breakouts gel. This just reduces redness and oiliness in your skin for the morning. After that I use dermalogica's hit the spot and then any blemishes that have come up I put a small amount on them. I then use Johnson's night moisturiser on any dry patches on my face. Finally I use lush bubblegum lip scrub to get rid on dead skin on my lips and then just coat them with some simple Vaseline. After that I just use OPI hand cream.

Hope you enjoyed!
Love Morgan x

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